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U.S.A. Union diving rates.

This is a very complex pay rate scale.  It would be impossible to post all the rates of unions in the US.  First here is a link to few websites that have some of the union rates posted. Davis Bacon, Dockbuilders 456,  For your information this website is not setup by any union and is not here to promote a union, but unions are a something that can not be overlooked, good or bad.  In an attempt to show some union pay rates some companies rates are posted below.  If you would like to have your companies/state/union rates posted here Submit a comment and leave the details and it will be posted.  
The rates posted here are not guaranteed to be correct and the webmaster assumes no responsibility as to the correct information or rate for any dive company. Use this information at your own risk. 

Lindahl Marine Contractors (Chicago IL)

Position Rate high Rate low
Supervisors  $27.65 hr ?
Diver $27.65 hr ?
Tender $25.20 hr ?

No Depth pay   Divers must have own equ.
It has been posted on other websites that Lindahl is no longer a union company

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California Union rates 07/01/1999

Rates  Fringes
Diver standby $ 28.65  $13.625
Diver wet pay $1
Tender $
Saturation diver $1
Manned submersible $
Manifold operator/life support Technician $
ROV pilot $28.65 $13.625
Bell winch operator $13.625

DEPTH PAY (Surface Diving):
50 to 100 ft $1.32/ft
100 to 150 ft $66.00 + $1.85/ft
150 to 200 ft $158.00 + $2.65/ft
200 ft and over $291.00 + $3.00/ft

Here are the union rates for So.Cal
These are from some guy "J" on the website.
Diver-$64+/hr, $514+/8hr. day
Standby Diver-$32+/hr, $257+/day
Tender-$31+/hr, $249+/day
sorry I don't have depth rates however I believe they are somewhat higher than the GOM rates.

Northern California Union rates 07/6/2001

Rates  OT is double time
Diver $41.88 hour $83.76 hr
Tender $245.04 8 hr min day $61.26

Northern Calif. Union divers are paid by the day, not by the hour up to 8 hours. It makes no difference if he is wet for 5 minutes or 7 hours, the pay is the same up to 8 hours.  There is more info on the posted page on Union Northern Calif. dated July 6th 2001

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Your diving companies rates here

Position Rate high Rate low
Supervisors  ? ?
Diver ? ?
Tender ? ?

Depth pay $? Divers must have own equ.

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